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Then Balance is a MUST!

Without balance you may find yourself


because you have too much on your plate, you consume too much information or you have a lot of ideas but have no idea where to start.

Out of Energy

because you haven't made yourself a priority and put important self care systems in place for your life and business.

Out of Time

to spend with the people you love doing the things you love, because building your business is taking up all of your time.

Out of Money

because you have been unable to set up profitable systems in your business that bring in consistent income on a regular basis.

Ready to Rock it Out in all the Major Areas of Your Life?

Learn how to Balance a Profitable Business without Sacrificing your Health or Spending Time with the People you Love. You Want to Ditch the Overwhelm, Frustration and Being Stuck in your Life and Biz? Then Join this FREE Challenge to get MORE Health, Happiness, Ease and Cash Flow in your Life and Business Right Now.

What you will learn in this challenge:

  • How to get crystal clear on your desires and direction
  • How to plan out your business to make room for essential self care, and the people and things you love
  • The "F" word that can end all of your overwhelm
  • Learn the Balanced Biz Blueprint for women that want it all
  • The number one thing you should do to drastically improve your daily productivity
  • How to set up sexy systems for more organization, flow and consistent profit

What people had to say about the challenge:

‪#‎BalanceBootCamp‬ has been nothing but amazing!! Learned a lot and plan to use this knowledge to build up my business, family, love, and my health!!! ‪#‎LatriceFolkes


To my girlfriends... check this out... really great stuff... You rock Latrice


‪Thanks for this boot camp. It's very helpful and timely as the universe and the Creator has placed this particular journey on my spirit. Thanks for the knowledge!


Hi, I'm Latrice Folkes, How are you?

I created Whole Sista for women like me that want it all, without the exhaustion and overwhelm of having it all. Women that want to have a healthy balance of love, family, health, money, and happiness.

I want to help you ditch your limiting beliefs, embrace whole vibrant balanced living, and setup your freedom based business, while loving yourself more each day.

I created the Balanced Boss Boot Camp Challenge to help you create and grow a profitable business that you love without sacrificing your health, family or sanity. I hope you join us and I look forward to sharing with you.

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