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Enjoy these Delicious Plant Based Recipes Created and Curated by Chef Latrice Folkes for your Health and Pleasure.

Live Okra Salad
This African plant is the business, it helps lower cholesterol, improve the digestive system, lower blood pressure and so much[...]
Cream of Broccoli Soup
This creamy Raw Vegan delight is Mmm Mmm Good! [recipe]  
Holiday Cashew Nog
You have to try this creamy dairy free delightful eggless nog. Raw, Vegan, and Delicious. [recipe]
Lentil Soup
This hearty lentil soup is a long time favorite. [recipe]
Curry Plantain with Sun Dried Tomatoes
Yes plantain is delicious raw if it's ripe! [recipe] Photo credit: did an awesome job capturing my creations
Mango Colada
I know your familiar with Pina Colada made with pineapples, but make any "Colada" with your favorite fruit. i.e. Peach[...]
Apple Nut Crunch
This Dessert is Sweet, Crunchy, and Simple...A winning combination for absolute tastiness. [recipe]
Stir Raw Veggie Lo Mein
This Raw Vegan and Gluten Free Asian inspired dish takes zucchini pasta to the next level. Taken from the Lifeit[...]
Corn Chowder
This vegan version of corn chowder soup is perfect for a chilly day or light enough for a summer treat.[...]
Chocolate Monkey Smoothie
Okay not quite chocolate it's carob, but it is delicious.  This creamy dairy free treat is one you don't want[...]
Carrot Tuna
It tastes just like Tuna, without harming the poor little fishies. This salad is awesome to make using the leftover[...]
Caribbean Carrot Juice Punch
This delicious dairy free vegan version of one of my favorite childhood drinks will have you doing the happy dance.[...]
Mexican Corn Salad
[recipe] Photo credit: did an awesome job capturing my creations
Creamy Marinated Kale Greens
[recipe] Photo credit: did an awesome job capturing my creations
Mock N’ Cheese
Okay this recipe may not taste like traditional macaroni and cheese but it is absolutely delicious. This recipe has raw[...]