The Emotional Stages of Change – WholeSista

Change can be difficult and we go through many emotions when we know it's time for a major shift. Most of us wait until the point we are FED UP and we just cannot continue on the path that we're on.

Here's a list of emotions most of us go through when we're trying to make any kind of lasting change.
I wanted to point these out because these emotions are important to whether we succeed or fail at reaching our goals and making changes that stick.


We tell ourselves enough is enough it's time to get it together Boo Boo. Two main things motivate us to make changes, pain and pleasure.

I bet you can guess which one gets you to change quicker...PAIN. So getting Fed Up actually speeds up change if you take focused action. At this stage do introspection to figure out what you really want and what next steps you can take to get it.


After we get sick and tired and realize we need to change, we get hopeful of all the possibilities. We began to believe we can make the change and it will be for the better. In this stage you're searching and doing more research about the thing that you want to change, and finding a lot of inspiration.


We had good intentions but real life got in the way. In my Florida Evans voice DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. Now not only do we know we need to change and are feeling the pain, we also got our hopes up and we feel like we failed. At this stage we should brush our self off, forgive our self, and keep pushing, another breakthrough will come.


This is the fork in the road, you can either repeat the cycle and stay in that loop never making real change. You Get FED UP, HOPEFUL, then DISCOURAGED over and over again, or you can keep going forward and take inspired action to success.


When that voice in your head fights back against your discouragement, it speaks to you and tells you got this and gives you the strength to try again. In this stage you should seek out help, different methods, and support. You will win.


More inspiration comes your way, you come up with a plan. You are soaking up knowledge. You have found what you need to feed your appetite for success. In this stage you get focused on your plan and begin to take massive action.


You did it. You now have a feeling of accomplishment and euphoria from reaching your goal or changing a bad habit that you had for way too long...But it's not over you still have new goals to reach, new habits to make and don't forget maintenance of your new changes. But for now just bask in your glory and use your win as fuel to conquer your next goal.

In conclusion, we can use our emotions to propel us into success or allow them to hinder us and keep us stuck. What will you decide? Next time you get in your feelings because you know a change needs to be made, stop, take a deep breath, come up with a plan, get the help you need, and keep pushing forward.