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Today I want to talk about getting light, simplifying, shedding the overwhelm, complication and heavy burdens. In order to fly and take it higher we gotta get light. It's time to let go of all of things that we allow to weigh us down and keep us from getting what we truly want. The more you have on your plate the harder it is to focus on what's really important and balance it all. There's a price for having too much stuff it cost us more time, more stress, more confusion, more procrastination, lost opportunities, less energy, and more strain on your physical and mental health. So you ready to let it go, get your sage, sage is great for clearing negative energy and purification, lets's take a look at the areas you may need to get light in.

Areas to get light in

The first area to get light in is Your head - It's time to clear up your mindset if you're finding it difficult to think clearly? Do you have too many ideas and conflicting thoughts? Do a brain dump and clear you mind. Get a blank piece of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. Don't worry about organizing it just let it flow. After you get it all out on to paper, then you can analyze it and figure out what to do with those thoughts and ideas and come up with a plan, but that's another video. I promise just getting it out of your head and onto paper is going to make you feel lighter just by itself.

The next area you may need to get light in is your heart, what feelings and emotions are you still harboring that's keeping you stuck, and keeping you from making true connections with people or going after what you really want. It's time to let go of emotions that no longer serve you. Again get a blank piece of paper and write it all down, write down all of the negative feelings and emotions you feel on a consistent basis, feelings about people you feel wronged you, or feelings about mistakes that you feel you have made, be very honest about your feelings, you're the only one that will see it. After you write it all down look at the paper and tell everyone on that paper including yourself that you're holding negative emotions towards that "I forgive you", then burn the paper or crumble it up and throw it away if you can't burn it. How does that make you feel? There may be more soul searching that you have to do to really let it go, but this is a powerful start.

Your body, if your feeling lethargic, lack energy, bloated, or heavy, it's probably time for a cleanse. Eat light fresh, nutritious, colorful plant based foods. Try a juice cleanse or raw food cleanse. The Lifeit Reset, shameless plug to get your body back on track. Take an herbal laxative, I suggest Smooth Move by Traditional Medicinals. Drink plenty of water to help clear out toxins. By the way, Cleansing your body will also help with clearing your head and your heart.

Your home, It's time to declutter and get rid of all of the extra stuff that your not using and determine what you really need to keep. So how do you figure out what to keep or get rid of, ask yourself these questions. Do I love it , Do I need it, Is it essential, Does it enhance my life?

Your digital space, Clean out your inboxes, unfollow people you're no longer aligned with, decrease the number of social platforms you engage on. I'm guilty of having several email addresses that I haven't cleaned out in years, thousands and thousands of emails, I'm working on it lol.

Commitments - Are you overcommitting and trying to be everything to everybody, all the time? Narrow down what's the most important to you and learn the magic two letter word "NO".

 Watch the video below and Download the free Get light Starter kit below this video to help guide you through the process. Let me know in the comments below what areas do you need to get light in right now.